Is Narcissism A Form Of Sadism And Self Victimisation Of Masochism?

The short answer is NO.

Some Narcissists can be sadistic, but Narcissism is not a form of Sadism.

Narcissists are focused on raising or stabilising their self esteem.

Any hurt that they do to other people is secondary to their primary goal of self esteem enhancement.

The people who get hurt by Narcissists are not usually Masochists.

They are not perversely enjoying the pain.
They did not expect to get hurt.

It would be more accurate to say that they did not really understand the Narcissist’s needs or limitations as a romantic partner or friend.

Narcissists are low on empathy and often hurt people that they claim or once claimed to care about.

But hurting other people is not their goal, self enhancement is.

What makes A Malignant Narcissist or Sadists so dangerous is the fact that they like to hurt you.

This is one of their favourite types of fuel from you.

They enjoy forcing you to break your boundaries for them, they have no worries at any of your protests and they will break you.

They enjoy seeing you in pain and knowing they are the cause of it.

This pain can be caused by Mental and Emotional Abuse as well as Physical Abuse sometimes.

The more they hurt you, the sweeter the fuel is to The Malignant Narcissist.

Some Malignant Narcissists may even laugh and smile as you are crying or begging or trying to struggle away wanting them to stop.

Often times, they will lash out at you suddenly and play their game with you behind closed doors.

This way no one can see or hear you struggle or cry out.

The Malignant Narcissist after all will never want to tarnish his fake image, facade or mask that he presents to the world.

No matter what run and keep running because the abuse will only get worse with A Malignant Narcissist.

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