It Is Getting Brighter Every Day.

It is an incredibly difficult situation especially because it is hard to stop thinking about the great loss you have suffered for nothing.

The enormous waste of time, energy and other types of resources that you put in and normally should be able to enjoy now instead of being destitute.

What’s the most important thing to realise in this situation is that you got out.

No matter how depleted and wrecked but you are out.

And it would have got worse if it went on.
It could only have been worse.

You might be at rock bottom now but it is a situation which finally is about YOU and not HIM.

You have to see that you escaped.
You are shipwrecked but finally you reached the land.

You have very scarce resources to build from and it will not be easy but if you can see this as a starting point towards something better which it is.

Use whatever small things, connections, knowledge, resources that you have left and take it from there step by step and you will be fine making it through each day.

You will find that the world is not as dark as you become to think while with The Narcissist.

The feelings of helplessness and despair are remnants of the way The Narcissist treated you and once you cut off contact he will gradually dissipate.

In reality you are not helpless.
No matter how hard the situation is there’s always things you can do for yourself and if you think clearly and put in the effort things will work out.

It is getting brighter already.
You have escaped the daily put downs, lying, hurtful glares and complaints that you can’t do anything right.

You are free from all the hurtful words.
Free from being ordered around , bullied, sleep deprived and living in fear.

You are free to be you again so CONGRATULATIONS!

Things seems dark right now.
But I will guarantee you that every day will get better.

Right now you need to go no contact.
You have to wade through all the negative emotions you are experiencing.

Go ahead cry, scream and punch a pillow, do almost anything that eases the anxiety.

I’m not going to tell you it’s easy because it’s a lot of work.

A lot of soul searching.
A lot of learning to figure out what the hell happened to you.

Discovering who you are again.
You won’t be the same as before.
You will be wiser, stronger and a bit less trusting.

Just hang in there one step at a time.
Most people will not understand if they haven’t been through it.

You are not alone.
Others have had the same experiences you tolerated.


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