It Was Never Your Fault.

Sweet soul let me tell you this.
A Narcissist’s life revoloves around him pretending to be happy.

A Narcissist’s life resolves around hidden agenda’s.

A Narcissist’s life resolves around his endless lies.

Remember the accusations he made about what your were doing in his paranoid mind?

Remember that feeling that you never could really relax around him because there was always something just around the corner ready to make your world shake?

Remember the restlessness in your mind when you were supposed to feel happy in a certain moment but you just couldn’t feel it?

Remember that awful fear that you may never experience any happiness again?

Remember that awful, lonely and depressing void?

Remember that the world went by and you were doing your best convincing everyone around you that you were so happy?

Remember that perfect selfie on Facebook when he was on holidays, at dinner or at the movies and the horror nights that came afterwards?

Remember the nights crying when he was telling you to just shut up or went to sleep ignoring you?

Remember the projection, the pure hate and all the things he was accusing you of?

All that revealed his true self?

Remember that something was always weird and off about him?

Remember him blaming you for shortcomings you never imagine you had?

Remember that it felt like you were fighting a demon and at the same time feeling deep agony, jealousy and sadness like never before?

Of course you do.

All this was never you.
Read all the above and now read it while removing yourself from the equation.

You are an Empath and you felt his emotions.

He projected his emotions on you.
He is a coward.
A Pathetic coward.

He doesn’t want to deal with any kind of feelings which will make him a vulnerable human.

What you felt and all what he accused you off is his daily state of mind.

He is doomed forever but You are not.

You have the power to seperate yourself from this.

You have the power to break free.

His life is all fake.
All the agony you have felt is his reality.
His karma.
Him reaping what he sow.

Take your power back.
Cut those hell bend energy lines.

Your are the light so focus on your recovery.

The feeling of revenge will be fulfilled when you are happy,

When you are able to recover.
When you are able to enjoy life.

When you are able to admit that you made some mistakes and grew from it.

When you grow healthy boundaries.
When you learn to bloom again.
When you love yourself.

He is nothing so treat him as such.
Let your emotions go all over the place but stop torturing and blaming yourself.

He lives in a hellish place and you know what that place feels like.

So close that door and never look back.


  • Reviews are so positive 😉 well done ❤️

  • Very insightful and true.
    I want 2 thank u 4 ur amazing event & motivation & 4 being that amazing sensitive person.
    I attended ur event 2day & heard u speaking & it was breathtaking.
    A lot of u been through this with narcissists but few like u have the courage 2 share it & speak about it 2 educate & help the rest of us.
    I hope u know that u r making a difference & ur events & blogs r changing lives so thank u so much ❤️❤️

    • Thank you so much for your lovely words it means a lot to me ❤️❤️❤️

      It is painful to talk about the experience but I managed to move on and put myself on the right path when I learnt from other people’s experiences and I know that it’s a life changing that’s why when I was able to talk about it I did what am doing hoping to help as many people as I can to get out of this hell and find their path again.

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