It Will Not Get Better Overtime!!

Confrontation threatens The Narcissist like A Nuclear War.

The delicate invisible Spider Net is exposed.

Why we are trapped and enslaved?
I take such people as emotional terrorists who try to terrorise those wounded ones.

Who have the infantile belief, the Cosmos is a nice place and we are only at the front door of Garden Eden, very romantic and infantile.

To make a discovery may require to retract behind a firewall.

It may be wiser not to tell everything we know.
Those terrorists and enslavers will use everything against the other, no matter how stupid and idiotic.

No way to deal with such a person ever.
So run away fast and far.

Learn the lesson of why you neglected the early red flags.

We are too spoilt in the expectation of good and friendly people.

Narcissists are so very dangerous and destructive as they do everything to be seen as a Star in Glamour.

It is all a facade, a masque and a bad story.

Narcissists are famous for flipping the script.
In a sense they almost give themselves away by projecting onto others what they are doing.

Narcissists are fractured people.
The fracturing occurs early on in life when The Narcissist is exposed to a situation that is so painful so he abandons himself and adorns a false sense of self that he then presents to the world.

He spends the rest of his life trying to keep this false persona going.

The scope of explanation for this is far beyond any article, though I do hope that this perspective brings some insight.

In short, Narcissists present their false self to the world in hopes of masking the true self that they despise.

This doesn’t work, of course, because that nagging sense of the monster within always is present to them whether consciously or subconsciously.

If your Narcissist has displayed Jekyll and Hyde behaviour, it is because he essentially is a split personality and he will do whatever it takes to keep who he believes to be his true self under wraps.

This definitely includes projecting his true behaviour onto others.

Another reason that he might do this is simply to get a rise out of creating a situation that he knows to be false simply to give another person grief.

Yes, this can be a great source of Narcissistic Supply to The Narcissist.

He can then feel superior for having pulled one over on the other person.

His sense of superiority, however, doesn’t last long.

He is a miserable person.
If we think about it, it must be exhausting for him to live everyday trying to mask The Monster within.

He lives in a constant state of self-criticism, self-blame and self-hate and it doesn’t really matter what the issue is.

It could be “using” another person, cheating, lying or a host of other negative character traits.

The Narcissist is always going to turn this around and blame others for exactly the same thing that he is doing.

Why? In large part to drown out the inner critic that resides within him.

Perhaps your best course of action is to go no contact with this individual if possible.

If you have no legal ties to this person and no children, I urge you to consider cutting this person off completely and eliminating the drama and chaos that can result from being involved with A Narcissist.

It will not get better overtime.
In my opinion there is no way for A Narcissist to become unfractured.

The personality disorder is so deeply ingrained that potentially the best any Narcissist could hope for would be Behavioural Modification and Professional Therapy for the rest of his life.

My understanding is that it’s not a personality disorder that can be “undone.”

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