It’s All Temporary!

Narcissists have the ability to play with your mind and confuse you to the point that you don’t even know what you are thinking.

There is no living with A Narcissist you need to stay away from him permanently.

Narcissist Abuse is so painful for many of us because we fell in love with the illusion of that person, gave him full effort and devotion, tried to be the best we could and in return we were criticised, lied to and we were progressively devalued then discarded.

It temporarily destroys our self esteem to be treated like that.

Even once we realise it is not personal and that he does this to everyone he knows ,, the pain doesn’t go away.

Reliving the events of what happened is part of that pain.

Many of us start to worry that we are damaged in some way and will never find someone to love us back and treat us as right.

But all this is temporary.
Narcissistic Abuse often end up leaving their victims with little to no closure.

Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse are either discarded or reach a point where the manipulation and abuse has reached maximum capacity and they finally cut ties with The Narcissist.

Either way A Narcissist is certainly not going to admit his wrong doings.

And if you share friendships with A Narcissist you will often have to cut ties with them as well in order to avoid being pulled back into his life or negatively impacted by him.

Most Narcissistic Survivors have been the victims of smear campaigns and triangulation as well so their reputation may have been tainted by The Narcissist.

You are definitely left with a burning raging desire to see justice served but in the end it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

The Narcissist has already taken enough from your life.

Walking away forever and regaining your sense of self and happiness is the only way to really have your revenge, so to speak as Narcissists wish to take all the good from their victims until there’s nothing left.

It will take as long as it takes to move through the grieving process including anger and the desire to see his downfall.

Right now your anger is protecting you and that’s ok.

Better to reach a point of total apathy about The Narcissist.

Better to forget that he even exists.
The worst thing A Narcissist can imagine is him not being able to affect your life negatively.

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