It’s Called Gaslighting!!

• The Narcissist gets away with his nefarious deeds by convincing you that what’s true is not and what’s not true is actually true.

That’s how he get away with whatever it is he wants to get away with.

It’s a sophisticated form of I didn’t do it or it wasn’t me, it’s you that children do.

• A Narcissist obtains perverse pleasure from being contrarian.

Gaslighting is the ultimate in contrariness because the whole point of Gaslighting can be summarised as you are crazy or stupid because I disagree with everything you say or think no matter how reasonable you sound or how much evidence you provide.

It’s weaponised invalidation by invalidating everything for you.

You no longer know what to say or think leaving you in a permanent state of cognitive dissonance which is extremely mentally painful and The Narcissist is in a permanent state of glee.

Furthermore every opinion or conviction The Narcissist offers as alternative to yours is bizarrely opposite.

So bizarrely opposite that you can’t meet him halfway, it’s either abandon truth and sanity and believe him or quarrel with him.

Know that it is no accident that he always somehow arrive at the exact opposite of you.

His opinions will be bizarrely opposite of yours.

His gifts will be the opposite of what you told him you wanted.

He will arrive too late to pick you up for the airport or that important event.

Gaslighting is where contrariness and passive aggression intersect.

The intent is to obtain glee from inducing cognitive dissonance.

Your frustration is not an accident.
Therefore he will do this even when there is currently no nefarious deed to get away with because it’s simply fun for him.

• You are controlled through your beliefs and nothing exerts greater control than controlling your beliefs of reality.

By making you believe in untrue reality and disbelieve your own true perceptions, you will be made to abandon your original path and walk in the direction The Narcissist wants you to.

Be subject to this one thousand more times and you will become trained to automatically abandon your own ideas and respond to every tug of the leash.

You will be led wherever The Narcissist whimsically wants like a mindless animal and the direction will constantly change whimsically because you are actually being secretly led nowhere.

This is how your will and spirit breaks.

This is how you are forcibly converted from a human being into a beast of burden or an appliance.

The single point which ties all three points together is that The Narcissist loves to toy with you and your feelings.

Toying with you provides crucial entertainment, makes living worthwhile and allows him to make it through the day.

Without it he would get bored and boredom to A Narcissist feels like suicidal depression.

That’s why for his own sake he has to toy with you and your feelings.

It’s vital for you to understand that the motivation behind Gaslighting is toying with you to cause cognitive dissonance for fun.

And the methods being contrarian, being pointlessly oppositional, invalidation, deliberate misunderstanding and misinterpretation so that you know that this is just a game for him.

The way to defeat Gaslighting is to keep second guessing him and to remind yourself never to be earnest with him.

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