It’s No Fun When The Rabbit Holds The Gun.

A Narcissist’s behaviour will definitely catch up to him.

Not only do most Narcissists find themselves alone in the end but most will develop major health issues or even end up going to jail.

This happens because he is unable to obtain the right energy supply out there or the energy that The Narcissist has stolen from Targeted Victims over the years start to manifest as illnesses in his body.

You will notice illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension, blindness and even worsening of A Narcissist with age will set in.

Because the stolen energy didn’t belong to him from the very beginning.

Holding on to the false self and hiding who you truly are on the inside can really cause illnesses to manifest along with negative thoughts.

Advancing off of others to thrive and get ahead in life is wrong like hell.

The Narcissist is stuck in his own personal hell and will never wake up.

Although he can damage a person’s health in the end but this too has a boomerang effect on him in the end also.

All Narcissists are ungrateful for everything that you do for them.

he Narcissist needs to take note that in the end it’s no fun when the rabbit holds the gun.

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