It’s Not Fair But You Are Strong Enough!

This world is an imperfect place with many people suffering from all kinds of injuries, conflicts, immoral behaviours and rivalries.

Thus when The Narcissist gain fans and supporters it can be for many reasons.

Best to avoid instead of trying to convince others that The Narcissist has injured you if and when they don’t support or believe you.

In this case you need to make a new and a better life along with healthier friends that will believe, encourage and support you along this life journey.

Narcissists are often persuasive and charismatic and they are very good at marshalling their forces to defeat the person that saw through them.

They certainly tend to complain loudly about what martyrs they are.

All what you can do is
• Not to react.
• Not to opt for confrontation.
• Not to show that you are being affected.

This is the pinnacle of beating A Narcissist’s smear campaign which is best and most brutal technique.

This doesn’t however mean that you should sit back and do nothing.

In order for A Narcissist’s smear campaign to have any validation and purpose you have to be visibly and audibly suffering as a result of it and show demonstrable signs that it is causing you every negative emotion because this is one of the three outcomes A Narcissist is planning for.

The second is based on a necessary baiting trap where your angry retaliation gives The Narcissist the power to celebrate in front of those who lent him an ear and have them see you reacting angrily provides The Narcissist his see I told you so moment.

The third and final outcome is to make everybody believe you are the person his smear campaign has described and by making you a Pariah causes you to start questioning yourself, doubting yourself and succumbing to deep emotional conflicts where you start believing you are what The Narcissist says you are and begin to feel guilty and regretful.

The best way to get out of this is to go No Contact.

A favourable and common choice that has brought many salvation from years or a lifetime of Abuse.

Also getting several steps ahead of The Narcissist and destroying his own attempts at sabotaging you.

When he realises that his plan has backfired and you have actually played him by not being affected of what he is doing, The Narcissist weakens little by little.

Remain your true self at all times and NEVER give The Narcissist a reaction.

What you will begin to witness is The Narcissist saying things that are practically the same as before but this time in fear of what you are actually capable of by switching off.

All you have to do is to detach.
Don’t be a prisoner to his smearing and be as calm and collected as you can.

When he stirs it up, let him stir it up.
When he boils it up, let him boil it up.
Without your angry reaction and without you showing signs of suffering he will whack the heat up too high and end up burning himself.

Then no smear campaign can ever affect you again.

Indulge in the beauty of silence when it comes to a smear campaign and don’t bother about whose ears it touches and whose mouth repeats it.

Don’t worry about who will say what and who will think this or that.

Don’t care a jot about what anyone else says, thinks or feels about the smear campaign.

The success comes when The Narcissist doesn’t get the reaction he fantasises about.

The reality must meet the delusion and if he doesn’t get what he expects it will all come crashing down.

You just have to be a lot harder and colder in terms of tolerating this kind of abuse.

It actually makes you a nicer person in general because you are avoiding the freaks and subsequently happier, energetic, optimistic, free, less vexed, far less angry and no longer wired or anxious all the time.

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