It’s Worse Than Death!!

They say it’s worse than death and it’s a very very strong statement.

Anyone out there that has gone through being in love with A Narcissist can relate to this.

Why is it worse than death?
Very simply because the way A Narcissist views the world is far different and fogged than a normal person.

A Narcissist will hate you, try to break you and destroy you for no actual legitimate reason.

Their head is screwed up and they believe you are conspiring to do them harm.

When someone passes on, you have the reason and understanding that they’re gone.

Unfortunately for A Narcissist they aren’t gone.
They are out there in the world getting ready to ruin another person’s life.

They aren’t gone, they aren’t there for you and they certainly don’t love you.

The harshest reality is the fact that you can’t have that person because it won’t be good for you.

You can try and try and try but you will never get the consistent character that you had at the very beginning.

It is very hard to love someone unconditionally and accept that even though they are so near they will always be beyond your reach for what you seek.

The moments you will have with them when they are good to you is just absolutely amazing.

It is a phenomenal experience that puts you on top of the world and also a devastating feeling that this person just isn’t that person and you need to let them go.

They aren’t dead with memories, they are out and about to hate you.

It is worse than death and it is because they simply aren’t living the same reality you are living in.

The love of your life is only a vision that was projected to you to think that they care for you but in fact the reality is that they are only going to do you a significant harm.

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