Just Don’t!!

When dangers are abound we often find warning labels.

Look at cigarettes, alcohol and pharmaceutical drugs.

When we entered into an entanglement with A Narcissist we surely wished there was a warning label for what’s to come.

Now that we have been abused, we are trying to make up for the empathy The Narcissist doesn’t have.

It’s hard enough for us to comprehend the abuse that it’s magnitudes harder to have others understand as well.

Not to mention we are already facing an uphill battle as The Narcissist has likely already smeared us to his surroundings.

Our energy is better spent raising awareness of Narcissistic Abuse and helping others who are still suffering.

We are all different though and it’s important to reflect and collect with respect to your situation individually.

Confronting him won’t do any good as he will turn everything around on you.

It’s probably not something you want to relive or go through again.

It takes a long time to get to the point of just letting it go that if you ever do.

Confronting The Narcissist will not bring the results you desire because when dealing with A Narcissist you are actually dealing with a merciless predator.

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