Lies, Lies And More Lies.

Truths ,, Myths ,, and lies, lies, lies.
It was more of the liar, liar your pants are on fire type.

It definitely created an emergency evacuation.
Thankfully I safely got out on time and when the emergency evacuation was needed ,, I ran.

Safely setting a short distance away from Pinocchio I began my investigation into all the lies and why his pants kept turning into a wardrobe malfunction and a safety hazard concern.

For an honest person it’s like what on earth would make someone turn into A Pathological Liar?

Where was the truth in how a brain could operate under a lens of pure dishonesty?

The truth I found while pouring through research wasn’t a pretty truth, it was quite ugly.

When a brain doesn’t form a secure attachment to a primary caregiver within the formative time period of infancy it can never securely get attached to anyone ever again.

Not getting his basic needs met consistently as an infant leads to forever mistrusting other people.

Forever knowing that he has his own back is the only option.

Those who brought him into this world didn’t care enough about him to meet those basic needs.

Neglect and abuse redid his hard wiring.
He can never feel attached or feel love and empathy.

His lens for the world involves him and him alone and no one else’s feelings really matter.

Doing what is best for him always.
Going about life without really being able to care about others led him down to a path of having no moral or conscience gravitational pull.

He doesn’t have to do what others deem right or honest when he only has to answer to himself.

Might be twisted for you and I but this life is all he knows.

He grew up from a child to an adult functioning under this dysfunctional brain and desperately trying to hide it from the world through a carefully constructed mask of uber confidence.

Hiding his truth of neglect and consequential brain dysfunction was the only option.

He knows he is different yet since the neglect and abuse happened during the time period before memories were an option he may not understand it.

Only A Narcissist who had an ongoing abuse and neglect throughout his childhood would have a better understanding of his dysfunction.

Also amongst the truths I found was intellectualisation, denial, dissociation, rationalisation and repression.

Intellectualisation is when the brain flights into reason.

A person avoids uncomfortable emotions by focusing on facts and logic.

This is the way A Narcissist’s brain functions on every level.

It is all calm cool logic just like a computer, data in and data out with no feelings attached.

Emotionally numb on many levels.
He learnt to function this way in infancy and it’s the only way he knows.

Denial is the next coping mechanism.
It is all infant neglect stemming from Reactive Attachment Disorder.

The brain repressed that and The Narcissist may have no idea why or how he’s different than others.

Again only A Narcissist who had an ongoing abuse and neglect understands why his brain functions under an abnormal realm.

Dissociation is another coping mechanism.
It’s very closely related to compartmentalisation which is how A Narcissist brain operates.

Dissociation is a practical valve that keeps different parts of your life separate.

I would assume this lens of operation helps him when having multiple affairs.

I’m sure that aided him and his ability to have a married life and a side piece life.

Rationalisation is next.
He can rationalise and justify all his actions.
So when something is difficult to accept he can make up a logical reason.

When he isn’t tied to morals or a conscience this can quite easily lead to lies, gaslighting and blame shifting.

He isn’t able to have empathy, his brain is unable to accept anything being his fault or that he did anything negative or wrong.

Rationalisation is the tool that makes his world right again when he feels like he is sliding off his slope.

Repression is last, repression involves placing uncomfortable thoughts in relatively inaccessible areas of our subconscious mind.

This one plays into this as that child who was abused by a parent has no recollection of it but has trouble forming healthy relationships through out his life.

Repression is the primary ego defence mechanism.

Repression is always subconscious.
The lies are hurtful.
I know how bad it hurts.

He can’t function as if his brain can’t form healthy relationships.

He can’t and he never will.
You and I can, we are loving, kind and honest.

You will wait as you heal for someone who is loving, kind and honest.

No more liars.
No more Pinocchio.
Your future will be an honest one.
No more fake love and no more lies.
Truth will set you free.

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