Losing The Only Man I Have Ever Loved.

Moving on after I lost the only man I have ever loved was the hardest thing I had ever have to do and the most important.

You are not alone no matter how you lost the only man you ever loved.

Expect complicated and even confusing feelings for sometime.

You have lost a man who was a huge part of your life and that is a loss you don’t quickly get over it,

How to heal after losing the only man you have ever loved?
We are part of a long line of people who have struggled with pain and self doubt but they held onto their faith despite overwhelming circumstances and they are watching us in the arena now and cheering us on.

How do you heal your spirit after losing the only man you have ever loved?
By gaining strength from others who have gone through this before you.

You have experienced the pain of grief.
It is not fair and you shouldn’t have had to experience it but it happened and it is time to accept that you lost him.

He has moved on and it is time for you to move on too.

Celebrate the signs of healing.
Pay attention to those little signs that your heart is healing after a loss and nurture it

For example, you may find yourself forgetting to be sad that you have lost the only man you have ever loved.

You may accidentally laugh at a funny thought that popped into your head.

Maybe you got a great night sleep or savoured a delicious fresh strawberry.

You are healing but you may not notice the little signs because you are used to being sad.

Depression, misery and even bitterness can become more familiar companions than lightness and joy.

Instead of camping out in the pain of losing him, find a new place to dwell.

Start by noticing what is going right and how you are moving forward.

Face the tough questions.
When was the last time you challenged yourself?

You lost an important man in your life and you are pulling yourself back together.

You aren’t thriving yet but you are surviving.

You are searching for tips on how to heal your heart after losing the only man you have ever loved or perhaps ever will love.

But does that mean your life is over?
Does one man have that much power over your life?

Is this really who you are?

A woman whose whole existence revolves around the love of a man who is no longer able or willing to love her?
I don’t think so ,, you are better than that

Take a deep breath.
You are probably out there jogging every morning, eating nutritious foods that fill you with life and energy and getting a solid sleep most nights.

You feel light and lean, fresh and energised!
I don’t think so.

Your physical health is directly connected to your emotional and spiritual health.

If you are searching for ways to heal your broken heart after losing the only man you have ever loved then I suspect you are not physically healthy so start working on that.

Stop and think about your thoughts.
How often do you tell yourself that you will never heal or that you lost the only man you will ever love?

And how do you feel when those thoughts infuse your mind, heart and spirit?

You have control over what thoughts you choose to dwell on.

If you are allowing yourself to obsess about what he is doing?

How he is moving on with his life or why he rejected you then you will stay stuck.

You are choosing to keep yourself trapped in grief and loss because you are allowing yourself to think depressing, disheartening
and disappointing thoughts.

We have to move beyond allowing our suffering to make us vindictive, resentful and bitter.

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