Manipulation Isn’t A Proof Of Intelligence!

Malignant Narcissists are definitely not that smart.

The only thing they are really clever at is manipulation.

They are really good at figuring out how to confuse, exploit and use mind games to achieve control over people.

Curiosity and open-mindedness are hallmarks of intelligent people, whereas Malignant Narcissists are stubbornly hidebound.

Narcissists always assume that they are right about everything, proper investigation, inquiry and consideration of disagreeing viewpoints are a superfluous waste of time.

Whereas the humble and highly intelligent Socrates said, “I know I’m intelligent because I know that I know nothing” ,, A Narcissist would say “I know that I’m intelligent because I know that I know everything

Lateral thinking is another clear marker of intellectual superiority, so highly intelligent people are likely to be unorthodox in their views and opinions and stand out from the crowd.

This is the opposite of what Narcissists do, their single-minded focus is putting on a good show and blending in.

Standing out from the crowd in any way makes you a huge threat to The Narcissist, who feels insecure when he perceives a glimpse of a superior quality in another person.

After blending himself in to whatever he considers to be the right group, The Narcissist will invest himself in taking down any person with whom he can’t reconcile his view of himself as the best and dominant.

Everyone left standing at the end of this process is there thanks to groupthink, the antithesis of intelligence.

You will find every Narcissist surrounded by sheep and lemmings, the types of people over whom he can easily maintain control and assert dominance with his limited intellectual capacity.

Malignant Narcissists are not smart and they hate smart people.

The power they obtain comes from manipulative mind games, fear, bullying and creating a mob mentality, not from any intellectual merit.

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