Move On And Heal Your Heart.

If you understand how worthless A Narcissist is, whether you are discarding him or learning to let go of him after he discarded you.

You will take your trophy when by your own will power you know that he simply isn’t worth your time.

Relapses are normal as with all addictions but The Narcissist no matter how smirky, cunning, proud or clever he is, will always be a worthless piece of crack in a smoke pipe that needs flushed down the toilet where it belongs.

And when crack rejects you consider yourself blessed.

The Narcissist is definitely playing a game of abandonment and a fabricated devaluing.

If you don’t think so then remember that Narcissists preys on the weak and the vulnerable.

They prey on naive and innocent Empaths who are not capable of consenting to this game.

If we are taught that love your neighbour as yourself is the moral code and Narcissists never follow it then being abandoned by one is a win for us not a loss.

Maybe not as relieving as we hoped it would be and it might kill us until we learn that but it is a win.

Cheaters never win.
The Narcissist plays a dirty game of hidden agendas to use and discard.

They are relationship con artists and they never win, even their loss inflicts big damage on the victim and results in benefits for the culprit.

But it is nonetheless a non victory anyway to The Narcissist or anyone who will look at it.

Only a lie will redefine this and all lies don’t last.

When you leave don’t ever look back because the slightest thought to give him a second chance will be an invitation for him to abuse you again and most likely he will finish you as he had set to do in the first place.

Believe that any connection with A Narcissist is detrimental if not outright dangerous for you.

No one deserves to be manipulated by A Narcissist because that is what they are good at.

You want his attention and his gaze but this is addiction and it will kill your soul slowly.

You will be on the event horizon and slide into nothingness.

He won’t even have to do anything to win your affection back because you will do all the work If for one second you thought that he might change.

Always remember that there are no winners in war ,, only survivors.


  • Is it possible to heal heart Aya?

    • It is possible however it takes a very long time.

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