My Life ..

You find peace.

However and whatever form that may come in.

You find beauty in everything and you do that by keeping your head held high.

You make healthy relationships with healthy people.

You feel regular emotions again and you feel free to express it verbally without the fear of being scrutinised or ridiculed.

Instead of wondering and worrying about what someone is up to that involves deceit, cheating and lying.

You start to wonder what a friend you haven’t spoken to in a long time is up to and if that person wants to meet for coffee or dinner.

You take worry out of the equation completely.

You concentrate on yourself and find out what makes you an individual instead of focusing on someone else’s issues and trying to take it on for yourself.

You look at the person who broke you to pieces from the inside out straight in the eyes and say You don’t get to control me anymore and you have no power over me.

Your sad existence, your disrespect, your lack of any sort of character and your emptiness is no longer and was never valid.

You delete him from your life, delete his pictures on your phone and then you delete him from your contacts.

All of the numbers he might use and all of the email addresses he has.

Walk away and Never look back.

That is how you destroy A Toxic Person.
That is how you destroy a Narcissist.

Follow these steps and you will find yourself at peace again.

You will never be the same but you will change to be a much better person than before.

It hurts going through hell but once you are through it, you will never have to go there again.

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