Narcissism Is All About Pain.

He loves pain.
He worships pain.
He wants to bring more and more pain into the world.

He is a living channel of pain channelling pain from different dimensions into this world.

His goal is to flood this world with pain.

Common wisdom got it wrong.
Narcissism isn’t about a self centred man.
It isn’t even truly about selfishness.
It is about pain.

A pure self centred person doesn’t necessarily have to lead to pain.

A self centred person is barking up the wrong tree.

Pure selfishness also doesn’t necessarily have to lead to pain.

It too is a wild goose chase.
The right tree is pain.

Pain is what links together all the narcissist’s puzzling behaviour, it is the single connector that makes everything make sense.

It is so confusing because you will also always find self centred person and selfishness mixed in with the sadism in A Narcissist.

Pain is the driving trait in A Narcissist’s character.

The right paradigm to truly understand Narcissism is pain.

For those of us who understand Narcissism well and can look at it with an open eye and heart, can you truly separate Narcissist from Pain?!

Find me a Narcissist who doesn’t leave a trail of discord somewhere.

Do you think that if you comply 100% with the Narcissist’s whims he won’t still hurt you?

Do you think that if you bend over backwards for him and be the best version of yourself just for his sake he won’t still hurt you?

When all you want is to get along and to be happy with him.

And all he wants is to give you pain in return.
That’s when you finally get to see what’s behind the mask.

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