Narcissists Are Pure Evil!!

When you face Narcissism you face Pure Evil.

The most illogical, irrational, vindictive, murmuring, and senseless speech and actions that you can’t put together and make any sense of.

The problem that arises in the mind of normal people is the need to grasp what the heck is going on.

Since Narcissists are so twisted and inhumane in their dealings with you, you are left with a bewildering question.

How is it possible that these people Exist?

It seems they were born to inflict emotional and physical pain on others and enjoy with glee the destruction of people’s lives, just because they are not happy with theirs.

How is that possible?

The question you should never have started giving any answer to because what is Evil is exactly what it is.

There are no two interpretations for it.

If you give an answer to a stupid person, you are eating at his table.

You are picking up their stupidity and trying to put it in simple terms.

By trying to make ends meet is when you start feeling you are going crazy.

There is no way that you can fix Mental Distortion, and specially those who love it and will never change because they benefit from it.

In his mind you are missing out on the goodies, when he himself is in deep darkness.

You, who have a true notion of prosperity, who understands humane treatment, justice, impartiality order are swiftly drawn into a world that is upside down.

All your Strengths and Weaknesses are tested to Extreme Limits.

This is where you begin to defend your mental health and the true perception of reality.

This fight ONLY causes more havoc.
In trying to defend yourself you become weaker and this is what he wants.

So you do not engage in this warfare unless you want to become a total slave of his.

His wish is to break you down.
He has something you do not have.
He doesn’t not have a heart.
It is your heart he is after, take good care of it.

He harms you just to be there to fix you.
He misplace your belongings and he is there to show you how crazy you are when he finds it where you really left it.

This gives him more power and throws you into his wicked assurances.
This is so mind boggling because you are different.

You could never be like him because he has stretched his lawless actions and mind thinking to shreds.

His indecency and excesses are beyond your capability to understand.

The angrier you become and the more competitive you become to get back at him, is your loss.

You get more traumatised by bonding with these people by the most perverse and evil feelings you could ever imagine.

This Bond is not a Natural One.
There is No Love in it.
There is No Reciprocity.
Its all in One Direction.
Nothing you give comes back.

And if you get something it’s to devaluate you even further until you do not have any will power left and this monstrosity takes everything you have.

The most Treasurable parts of you are your body, your mind and your heart.

This is how Pure Evil manifests itself without its mask of soberness so be wise.

No contact if possible if you want to hold on to reality.

Your reality is not his.
Do not fear him.
Just do everything with good principles.

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