Narcissist’s Smear Campaigns!

That Shrewd Narcissist destroys the victim’s credibility in advance.

He is by far NOT a genius but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if you want to get away with a crime like abusing someone, you first launch an effective attack on their character FIRST.

Then nobody will believe the REAL victim when the truth finally starts emerging that the victim was actually the Abused One.

Here is the formula for the Narcissist to be successful at this abuse and then accuse his victims of the very atrocity he has committed as well as distort personal situations and BOOM he is on top of his game to escape the exposure.

He has been backstabbing and smearing you behind your backs from the very first day you met but you were very distracted by the love bombing and growing trust with this creature OR just him being a normal and empathic human being.

Meanwhile that Dark Narcissistic Creature was just plugging his victim into his cycle of abuse and building up his Minions, Flying Monkeys and Narcissistic Support Soldiers.

So unfortunately people will believe the Abuser first because he uses his charm to gain sympathy and HE is there first to set the stage before his victim has any sense of what he is doing to her integrity.

The more preposterous the Narcissist’s accusations, the more firmly people will believe him because AGAIN he was there first to spread his poisonous lies.

It is like when a child comes forward with accusations of abuse, people are going to believe the child to get to the truth about the allegations.

Any and all preposterous accusations will always yield strong attention to the subject matter because you just can’t walk away from such a dangerous and damaging situation without offering support, it would seem as if you didn’t care or lacked the empathy to help the lying Narcissist out.

By the time Victims stumble onto the Smear Campaign they are damned if they do respond and damned if they don’t.

NOW the basic facts of life as it concerns those people that just love to put themselves in the middle to judge others or the Narcissist’s Best Friends, Supporters and Minions that you are an Abusers too.

BUT the bigger lesson of damned if you respond and damned if you don’t is the culprit here too!

Everybody knows that when somebody defends himself from accusations with accusations the majority will always believe the one who accused first and then views the real defendant as guilty and retaliate as if the Victim was caught in OR did the outrageous things that the Narcissist has alleged.

This is irrational because the initial accuser “Narcissist” is the attacker and there is no more reason to believe one party over the other but people do!

Lastly if the Victims doesn’t make an attempt to stand up or defend her integrity she is guilty by the design of the disordered Narcissist’s Smear Campaign.

No win situation for the Victim, especially when We are already vulnerable by the ABUSE and basically a shell of a person.

Remember that like everything else the Smear Campaign is just MORE lies from the Abuser and he wants you to engage so he can continue to spread his lies and attack by your involvement.

It is damaging to the victim’s integrity but he has been damaging us at so many levels that we have to turn our energies back onto ourselves and get our power back.

Stand your Ground and let the Truth do the Talking.

I have been in this situation and there’s really nothing you can do if people already believe the Narcissist.

You have to let the facts speaks for itself and let them come to the realisation that they are dealing with a Narcissist in their own way and on their own time.

It is a frustrating and a painful process but let your own good behaviour and your own reasonable thinking do all the arguing for you.

Don’t worry about denying or defending each and every little thing.

The Narcissist is spewing venom about you and you know this.

Don’t react at all, let everyone hear the lies and let them come to their own conclusions.

Just disengage, focus on other things and let everyone observe your normal empathic behaviour in a variety of settings.

They will be able to see who you really are through your behaviour.

The moment you react with anger to the accusations and try to convince people of your truth, the Narcissist wins because then he has got a case for your alleged Evilness or Craziness.

Don’t forget that Narcissists are Masters at Spinning Facts.

Time is also your friend because Narcissists are frauds and it’s only a matter of time before frauds get found out.

Time always reveals who they really are.
They can’t hide their true selves forever, which is why they cycle through people so frequently.

Narcissists will out themselves with their own behaviour, Guaranteed.

It is hard and it is very difficult but remember that you have been through the worst so you can do this too.


  • Will the smear campaign ever stop? They must destroy the victim to the extent of sucking all sorts of life out of them? When will it stop!

    • As I said before, they don’t break our hearts but they break and shatter our souls.
      Unfortunately I don’t have an answer to your question of when will it stop because am in that exact same situation but what I learnt is the more you ignore the happier you are 🤗

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