Narcissistic Injury And Some Expected Different Reactions.

I have read a great deal about this topic and here is my personal opinion.

There are many types of Narcissists and each will have a different reaction.

Malignant Narcissists,
These people essentially have Narcissistic personality disorder coupled with Antisocial personality disorder.

If robbed of their Narcissistic Supply, they can be prone to taking revenge on you.

They will run Smear Campaigns against you and make you wish you had never cut them off.

Malignant Narcissists are also more risk-takers than others and are the most prone to violence.

Thankfully, these Narcissists represent the smallest group of the lot and this was the Narcissist I fell in love with.

Covert Narcissists,
These are the most common Narcissists.

They wear a mask that hides their true self, which is self-loathing and has low self-confidence.

They need YOU to provide that for them.

When cut off from their Narcissistic Supply, they will typically try to win you back.

They will kill you with kindness and if you take the bait, they will probably gaslight you for cutting them off.

They will shame you and tell you what a bad person you are and then you will likely end up apologising to them.

They have a bad victimised mentality.

If you go No Contact and held your ground, they will experience a range of emotions, they will become depressed, anxious, jealous or angry and sometimes a mixture of it all.

But their response is to usually sulk, take their ball and go home.

They have nasty revenge fantasies, but are not typical risk-takers and will likely not make a move against you for fear of how you will react, especially that you have shown them that you are willing to stand up to them, They are quite cowardly.

Overt Narcissists,
These deluded individuals are the very best at everything, just ask them.

They are smarter, better looking, more worldly and will flaunt their achievements without a shred of modesty.

Overt Narcissists can react differently, depending on the person.

More introverted overt Narcissists, when cut off from their supply may not even notice because they are so self-obsessed.

Others will become angry and try to humiliate you in front of others.

So if you cause Narcissistic Injury to a Narcissist, he is likely to quickly retaliate.

Narcissists don’t believe in An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, they will go after more.

What is a Narcissistic Injury?
It is anything that injures their self-esteem, Narcissists’ self-esteem is like a helium balloon.

One small hole is enough to cause it to deflate.

Almost anything can be experienced as a Narcissistic Injury, because it takes very little to puncture Narcissists’ shallow and largely illusory public persona of arrogant confidence.

Beneath this facade is an insecure human being filled with self doubt.

Everyone suffers Narcissistic Injuries, but those of us who have a realistic, integrated, and relatively stable sense of self are not as affected by them.

We feel the jolt of pain, anger or even shame, but we can go on and put it behind us.

What is an unpleasant event for us, is experienced by Narcissists as huge and devastating.

Narcissistic injuries can be caused by such varied things like,

• Being given a less desirable table at a restaurant.
• Someone disagreeing with something they say.
• Someone cutting them off while they are driving.
• Not getting the admiration and deference they feel that they deserve.
• Someone else getting the promotion at work that they wanted.
• Asking someone out and being turned down.
• Someone else ending the relationship.

So let’s imagine you have just done one of the above to an Exhibitionist Narcissist.

What will that person do?

While everyone is different, as a general rule you will likely see some of the following,

Disproportionate Responses,
Their response will be proportionate to their pain and not to the objective situation.

This means they may respond just as strongly and in almost exactly the same way to being given a bad table in a restaurant as to being turned down for a promotion at work.

Quick Attack,
They are likely to quickly attack and devalue anyone they blame for causing them a Narcissistic Injury.

Like if you have just corrected something they said that you knew was factually wrong.

Instead of simply accepting the correction or ignoring you, they immediately retaliate by sarcastically and loudly making fun of you by saying There you go again, Miss I always have to be right!

Impulsive Actions,
They are so focused on defending their self-esteem, they do not take the time to think through the consequences of their behaviour.

Their retaliatory behaviour focuses on destroying the other person’s reputation and self-esteem.

People with Narcissistic Personality Disorder are exquisitely sensitive to all slights to their sense of self importance.

They are likely to impulsively and immediately retaliate even when it is not in their own best interest.

In a way or another when a Narcissistic Injury is caused to a Narcissist, whether intentionally or unintentionally they will unconsciously overreact.

This overreaction is one of the most common factors of exposing the Narcissists or at least it makes those around to start questioning a lot of their previous reactions towards past victims.

When a Narcissist is blinded by revenge, he starts to act irrationally and that’s when they get exposed.

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  • This is really moving. An incredible piece of art ❤️

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