Narcissist’s Achilles Heel!!

Losing Control.
You can find this out for yourself the second you gain control of your own life.

You will be astonished at the underhanded cruelty he will employ in attempt to get you back under his control or he will discredit you completely if that isn’t possible.

If he can’t control you then he will usually try to control what others think of you.

The Narcissist’s extreme behaviour at this stage usually reveals how disordered he really is because normal people would cringe to air their dirty laundry in public and feel very uncomfortable taking down a fellow human.

Not The Narcissist and his Flying Monkeys.
This is an Achilles Heel for A Narcissist because depending on the behaviour of The Victim and the integrity of others knowing what’s happening, his mask will start to slip.

It’s very difficult for him to keep his story straight and neutral parties will definitely notice that his approach to the situation with The Victim is not normal.

Therefore, losing control of The Victim, followed by the inevitable Smear Campaign and Gaslighting creates a potential for The Narcissist’s mask to come off and his carefully constructed world to come crashing down.

If you are A Victim and trying to find his Achilles Heel to take him out please don’t bother.

Wish him well without involving yourself and just live your beautiful life.

If you go no contact and react to absolutely nothing, you create the greatest potential for him to self-destruct because he will look crazy for attacking you to almost anyone with a neutral view of the situation.

Only his Flying Monkeys will go along with the bullying.

The Smear Campaign is almost always The Narcissist’s confession and reasonable people will begin to see that.

Also his Truth and his Reality.
He doesn’t want to acknowledge it.

He wants only to avoid who he really is and he hates it when you start calling him out after figuring out that you were not the problem.

That amongst the fact that he doesn’t ever want you to be happy and thriving without him.

He hates himself, he hates who he is but he will never admit it and he will block you, belittle you, turn around on you and get upset because he doesn’t want to see the truth.

Give up because he’s not worth it and you deserve better.

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