Narcissists And Karma!

When the lies over lap, things get out of control I will run or drop you depending where you are on my food chain says the Narcissist.

If you catch on to my bullshit and are not accepting my excuses, questioning my motives or even being suspicious I will find another host says the Narcissist.

Anyone NORMAL would not want to live a life like this.

They are a living lie that could be exposed at any minute with a single screw up.

They are the definition of BAD Karma.

Nothing good happens to them and when someone or something good does happen to they screw it all up.

They ruin it by destroying it and hating it for being something they wish they could be.

They lie to be good, to get good only to hate that good because they are no good.

That is their Karma, that is their punishment for not getting help, for believing their own lies and running from themselves.

When you feed off of the good eventually the good will see the bad.

The good will back away, the good doesn’t want to be dragged into the bad.

The good has limits.

Narcissists push those limits because they hate themselves.

Narcissists are stuck.

Same stories, same excuses and same lies.

They always have new friends, new relationships and they can never get close to anyone.

9 out of 10 people that ran away from a Narcissist are pissed off that they didn’t run away sooner.


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