Narcissists And Social Media!

A Narcissist does love social media.
It’s the perfect mask for him.
He usually hides under the screen and play a scene to attract his prey.

• He usually doesn’t post a lot of pictures of himself but rather picking the best ones to receive endless compliments.

• He joins lots of forums, groups and communities to gather sympathy and deliver tearful speeches to make others feel sorry for him.

• When he’s not posting bulletins about the hardships he had to endure, he criticises others, tear people down and tease others to have him insulted so he can play The Victim for a little bit longer.

• On dating sites he does the passive aggressive personal marketing implying that the only thing that will matter in the relationship is himself and how he expects to be treated with tenderness and care because he has been so hurt before.

• Also on dating sites he pretends that he has always been mistreated, dismissed, victimised and abused by his exes regardless of how wonderful, generous, selfless and giving he is.

A Narcissist thrives on attention.
He needs it and he can’t live without it.
He will lie, cheat, steal and manipulate in order to get this attention.

Victims gets attention.
Victims gets sympathy.
Victims aren’t automatically put under the microscope.

In fact Victims tend to get a certain amount of automatic trust.

A Victim will get past our defences with our blessings.

Playing The Victim is a time honoured Narcissistic Tradition.

The Narcissist uses it as a redirection technique.
While you were busy worrying over The Narcissists Victim Status he was sneaking his way into your life.

The Narcissist will accuse you of hurting him while he was the one actually causing you pain.

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