Narcissists Are Emotional Vampires!

To be emotionally free you can’t remain naïve about relationships.

Some people are positive and mood elevating.

Others can suck optimism and serenity right out of you.

Vampires do more than drain your physical energy.

The super malignant ones can make you believe you are an unworthy, unloveable wretch who doesn’t deserve better.

The subtler species inflict damage by making smaller digs, which can make you feel bad about yourself.

Suddenly they have thrown you emotionally off centre by prodding areas of shaky self worth.

An emotional vampire is said to be a person that sucks energy from another person, leaving them feeling drained.

Think of someone you know who fits that description.

In the presence of the emotional vampire you feel an onslaught of darkness and negative energy forming like a dark cloud.

You feel your own positive energy resources depleting with love, joy and enthusiasm draining from your body.

Rather than literally sucking your energy out of you, it is more likely that the person’s lower vibratory energies are cancelling out your higher ones, making you feel like your life force is being drained.

Everyone can be an emotional vampire from time to time.

A friend going through a rough patch needs your help.

For this you must stand strong, guard your inner energy reserves and give them support.

Giving of yourself emotionally is part of the interdependence of all humans, and we must work together for the greater good.

You support your friend through the tough times, and when you experience sadness yourself, your friend is there for you helping to replenish your positive energies.

Take the example of the loss of a loved one.

Friends and relatives gather around expressing love and compassion to you, this increases your vibration, providing strength for your healing process.

Energy sucking emotional vampires exist who are energy suckers all the time, and tend to draw positive energy from others due to their self serving nature.

They might be controlling, jealous, angry, selfish or cruel, all energies of a low vibration.

People who have obtained a level of inner peace and oneness with the world, tend to exist at a relatively high energy vibration, experiencing continuous love and peacefulness.

They emanate a beautiful white light that those who see auras will perceive as a glowing whole body halo.

You yourself may be more or less a measure of this.

Self serving people who are lost in a dark cycle of manipulation, control, hatred and power, prey on the more vulnerable purer souls who are often times compelled to help them gain a chance at love and joy.

The collision of the high and low vibratory energies cancels one another out.

Take the example of two people each grasping two corners of a bed sheet.

If one person shakes, then ripples flow along the sheet.

If both people shake, then the ripples disappear and an irregular pattern occurs.

The two actions are cancelling each other out.

It is the same with high and low energy vibrations, they cancel each other out.

However, those of a self serving nature are often stronger in their intent, and through negative actions, can dominate the other person.

Just like you can project thoughts into a glass of water to charge it with love, then give it to a person to drink to raise their love vibration, so can a person charge another person directly with love through the projection of loving thoughts.

In the same way, projecting negative thoughts directs negative energies at the recipient, lowering their vibration, creating the feeling of having the energy sucked right out of them.

The mood is lowered and negative emotions such as despair and hopeless begin to manifest.

There is no literal sucking of energies however.

The emotional vampire then represents a danger to you and consciously or subconsciously you will seek to avoid them.

In a relationship such as this, the more positively polarised person may suffer this energy degradation for a certain period of time before reaching a point of perceiving danger to the self.

The energy centres or chakras of the positively polarised person can become so out of balance that physical or mental illness occurs.

Energy vampires who are extremely negatively polarised can indeed feast on the high vibratory energy of a positively polarised person.

They do this by observing the positively polarised individual experiencing negative emotion due to negative actions done to them, and feeling pleasure of a self serving kind, temporarily raising their own vibration.

An example is saying cruel words to someone for pleasure, such as a bully in the playground.

The pleasure can’t last however and the need for further emotional vampirism motivates more of the same behaviour.

Another way that an energy sucking person can lower your vibration, again not by directly sucking energy though the air, is through psychic senses.

Psychic stress can occur in those with empathic abilities feeling others emotions by picking up on the negative vibratory signals of the unhappy, jealous or unkind person.

This can bring the empath’s mood down.

Temporary emotional vampires need as much love as you can give to help them through their tough time.

The best protection from serial energy vampires however is avoidance.

Remember, your energies can still be depleted long distance, so reading hurtful text messages or coercive emails has the same effect on your energy levels.

It may not be possible to help raise the overall vibration of the emotional vampire if they are extremely polarised to service to self.

You may not have enough positive emotional energy or thought energy to change their orientation.

If you try, you could end up in a cycle of ups and downs, with increasing downs, still without success.

Meditate if contact occurs, seek the company of positive individuals, give and receive love and friendship with friends, family and pets.

You will soon be replenished and feel better.

If you cry because the sun has gone out of your life, your tears will prevent you from seeing the stars…Rabindranath Tagore

If you have ever been around someone who leaves you feeling exhausted and drained, you have probably encountered an emotional vampire.

These people don’t drain your blood, but they do drain your vital energy.

Emotional vampires can be found anywhere.

Your best friend, coworker, or a stranger in the airport may be an energy sucking fiend, and you may not even realise it.

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