Narcissists Are Slimy Stepping Stones In Life’s Journey.

There is one thing about The Victims of Narcissists that distinguishes them from The Narcissists.

You want to know what that one extremely important thing is?

We can change for the better.
We can heal and pick ourselves up by our own boot straps and come back stronger no matter how many attacks or how much unnecessary, worthless and callous abuse we have endured or put up with from A Narcissist.

Victims are always on the hero’s journey and like all heroes we can return from the underworld from which we faced seemingly impossible odds and obstacles.

The Narcissist lives in the underworld down there in that dark, cold, empty basement and he will never emerge from that place victorious in anything he does.

The Narcissist is like the man-eating ogre in the enchanted forest.

The role he plays in life’s journey is stagnant and fixed and he can never elevate himself above the role he chooses to play in life.

Hero’s don’t submit to lesser beings no matter how many sharp teeth they have.

The hero will always find a way to conquer the ogre and move forward with his journey because he has much more important things to do and learn.

The hero leaves the ogre behind confined in the basement waiting for his next unsuspecting victim to play out the same tricks on over and over again.

The hero moves on and emerges from the underworld stronger, wiser and better equipped to help others prepare themselves for any ogres they cross on their own journey.

Hero’s don’t mingle with ogres any longer than it takes to overcome them.

Narcissists are only slimy stepping stones in life’s journey.

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