Narcissists Are Toxic.

A Narcissist doesn’t care what you think as long as it strokes his own endangered ego.

The experts say that A Narcissist is not only self centred but weak in self confidence so his primary motivation is building himself up at your expense.

The Narcissist is motivated by his insecurities so he will talk himself up and bring others down to feel better about himself.

He will even lie about his own accomplishments.
The Narcissist does realise what he is doing but he feels justified in doing so because you are a threat to him.

The Narcissist has this personality disorder due to childhood trauma so his unsavoury behaviour is a coping mechanism due to his inability to face the shame of his own trauma.

The Narcissist craves the negative attention of when you react to being made fun of so don’t even give him the satisfaction.

Minimise contact as much as possible with him.
Going no contact is even better.

Narcissists are toxic.

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