Narcissists Process Feelings Differently!

Narcissists don’t feel emotions except for their own rage, anger and selfish desires so they wouldn’t understand love or anything of a higher emotional state.

During an emotional situation if The Narcissist feels he has to fake it for some reason he will go along with everything and act normally if he has to.

If the emotional situation is in private, he will show you another side of himself you have never seen before.

He may ambush you emotionally, mentally and psychologically by being outright uncaring, callous and dismissive.

It is usually only in private when he will show you who he really is.

I don’t recall one truly emotional moment I had with The Narcissist.

There was one time when he fake cried for God knows what reason but other than that I never had any kind of emotionally fulfilling type of relationship with this person.

It felt like being with an alien most of the time, a nonhuman.

During times when he would devalue me, I would often cry.

He never showed any feelings or concerns.
He would just sit there and enjoy it.

The Narcissist I fell for actually said once that he didn’t understand all of this emotional stuff and seemed confused as to what love is.

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