Narcissist’s Psychological Torture!

A Narcissist doesn’t have a sense of feeling to what the other person is experiencing.

When he doesn’t get what he wants his immediate gratification, his behaviour resembles that of a toddler having a tantrum.

Emotionally he is stuck near this age.
He starts with the insults.
He has no goal because this person is in a tantrum mode saying anything that comes to mind.

The abuse he suffered early on in his life that lead to him developing Narcissism is now being given to you.

The greater the abuse he suffered the greater An Abuser he will be.

If his parents were exceptionally skilful at destroying his self esteem then he will be able to do the same to others.

It’s the reason why he does it and is so good at it.
He was tortured and to survive he developed an alternate reality where he was bigger than life and everyone is there for him as he was their for his Narcissistic Parents.

To admit he was in so much pain is so unbearable to him that he could cease to exist.

He has to be the stronger person or in his mind he won’t exist and he has to get what he wants.

He can’t understand and he won’t believe that he has that power over you.

He will accuse you of being weak, overly sensitive and misunderstanding.

You put to much value on what is said to you because you are the one with no self esteem to begin with.

No one can take away the way you feel about yourself or change it with words unless you don’t have it to begin with.

That is how he thinks about other people.
He is just having a tantrum and nothing hurtful is his responsibility.

You let it hurt you and since it didn’t hurt him to say it then how you will give him what he wants.

He won’t change and you can’t change him.

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