Narcissists Reaction When You Get Angry..!

The Narcissist is feeling a Narcissistic injury of course.

He likes to pretend that he has no idea why you are so upset.

What happened to make you this angry?

This is more of his manipulation. Narcissists aren’t stupid.

They are very much aware of every act they commit and they plan half of it.

If you notice, they will set the scene for the discard.

The Narcissist will be eerily silent right before he drops you because he’s getting his ducks in a row “triangulating, preparing his story and making sure his backup supply is still around

Communication is on his terms, this includes only communicating through texts so he has time to come up with his lies.

Stonewalling is also thrown in and the Narcissist picks the place, time and mode of discussion.

If he meets you in person he may bring along a friend because he knows it’s going to be a showdown.

The Narcissist may also tape you over the phone or allow someone else to listen in while you sob.

Knowing you are traumatised over him and knowing there is an audience is almost too much for him to take.

This talk of Narcissists being so disordered they just can’t understand when they are being manipulative is only protecting them and not allowing victims to understand how sadistic they can be.

When you are angry the Narcissist is not surprised.

He knows you are going to be angry.

He has prepared your discard for days if not weeks.

Your anger is expected and he knows how to dodge it physically and emotionally.

You can’t get to him.

He hopes you will buy his story or ask to be friends so he can pick you up when it is convenient and drop you when something shinier catches his eye.

He hopes for compliance but he is prepared for your rage.

Your words will obviously cut him because he is such a sensitive soul and easily triggered and angered!

The words will linger in his mind but not your feelings.

He will know you are angry but he won’t care enough to understand why you are angry.

He will only remember what you said and how it affected him.

He is not using No Contact.

No Contact is for victims of Narcissism.

He has implemented the silent treatment.

You are too crazy right now just like everyone before you.

You have all of these feelings that are really stressing him out and he can’t believe you would be selfish enough to react this way when he said he was sorry!

The silent treatment is used when he wants a break from all of the feelings and when he would like to be with his new supply or spend time reaching out to old supply or when he wants to be with his friends.

It is also used so you will calm down and be so frantic for any type of communication from him that you will accept anything he suggests.

If he wants you to pick him up from the airport you will do it.

If he is lonely at midnight you will come by.

The silent treatment is a punishment designed to keep you desperately waiting.

It teaches you to never get angry ever again.

What he is feeling is what Narcissists always feel after a discard, indifference for your feelings.

If you think he has any shame or regrets, please stop those thoughts.

He doesn’t regret what he did at all.

He will only feel regret when his supply is low and he will feel shame because he may have to crawl back to you and pretend to ask for your forgiveness.

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