Now I Know How To Identify A Narcissist!

Looking back at everything, I’m flabbergasted that I couldn’t see the evilness in him.

There was a stony look to his eyes when he’s enjoying his power.

There was a flatness to his voice and it’s creepy!

When a tough decision was on the table, he avoided being the one to make the final call just to avoid any blame if it goes sideways.

But if it goes well, he will take all the praise even though someone else made the call.

He used to tell bits and pieces of his other double life.

I didn’t realise it at first but once everything has come to an end and I thought back I realised that he was dropping clues all along just to toy with me.

He refused to be direct.
He used to hint at things and expected me to read between the lines and if I didn’t then it’s all my fault.

What’s his is his and what’s mine is his.
What’s others is his and he never thought twice about taking it regardless of how sentimental or important it was.

When he was legitimately cornered with a fool-proof line of questioning that he had no way out of, he used to go silent.

He then blamed it on me for trying to start an argument.

He had a trail of broken relationships and no solid answer as to why the repeated issues.

I used to get answers that’s meant to distract or redirect me.

He always played The Victim in every situation.

He was often liked very well by those around us.
He was A Master Of Charm And Manipulation.

When I confronted him with his lies and he sensed that I was getting ready to leave, his plan of destruction began.

Now it’s not difficult for me to identify A Narcissist after what he had put me through because now I know that these Predators are living among us.

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