Now You Are Just Someone That I Used To Know.

I think being done with The Narcissist or someone who violated you on a soul level happens much like the receding ocean tide.

So gradually that you barely notice it until one day you are laying on all this sand and the ocean of misery is out in the distance.

Waves come in, some big and some small, eventually changing the shoreline.

So what are the waves?
The waves are moments of big revelation and awareness.

Sometimes it’s the waves of sorrow and grief for what you lost and the sadness of losing a dream fantasy and the illusion that represented something you really did want.

Maybe ultimately that’s the big moment.
When you are not upset about losing The Narcissist but about the people you lost as well as the trust and the innocence.

When you have suffered enough then you are done.

When you decide that you will not allow your soul to be eroded drop by drop one more day.

When you decide to embrace life and step out of familiar oppression and choose uncertainty you know you are done.

Nobody can tell you when enough is enough.
You must listen to your inner Divine Guide.

You are worthy of an authentic love not a sham.
If you really want to leave The Narcissist permanently then you must heal your inner wounds of being overly empathetic and not setting firm boundaries which is a struggle for almost everyone who was involved with A Narcissist.

Love yourself instead of looking outside of yourself for love.

It’s just a matter of making the move.
When The Narcissist has done whatever deeds he knows to smear you and it doesn’t work.

When he love-bombs you and you are silent.
When you look at him with an unfocused gaze as if you don’t see him.

When you just walk away during one of his self aggrandisement conversation or speeches.

When you give him the look that goes through his illness and tells him I know who you are.

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