Obtaining The Upper Hand When Dealing With A Narcissist!

My experience with A Covert Narcissist and the horrific discard was an awakening for me.

I didn’t know about Narcissism until that dreadful dark day on 14.04.2017.

The man I adored physically, emotionally and spiritually destroyed me within minutes.

With a snap of his finger, I was thrown out like trash, ruined, about to lose my job and destroyed.

After the discard I found out that I was in love with A Textbook Narcissist.

Your upper hand is to go immediately No Contact and count your blessings that you survived the most hellish personal event.

Live your life and set yourself free of the demon.
You will see who he truly is, a hunchback spineless shrivelled demon covered with darkness.

You my friend, like me will continue to bask in the warmth of the sun, strive, live and love.

So, the upper hand is to simply walk away and never acknowledge him ever again.

The way I finally made sense of it all because I knew that nothing of what he was doing was normal.

If you can’t make sense of something on your own mind then educate yourself.

I began reading and the more I learnt about Narcissism the more I realised what kind of danger I was truly in.

For me understanding and educating myself was the key factor in being able to start planning my way without him being in my life.

You gain the upper hand on A Narcissist by educating yourself and realising that getting the upper hand, getting even or getting revenge won’t matter but what does matter is you getting your life back.

Believe me, Time and God are your best companions.

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