One Day It Will All Make Sense.

You have gone through so much heartache at this point that it feels like your faith in love is slowly evaporating from your heart.

When it comes to matters of the heart it feels like you always make the worst choices.

You have given it your all in every relationship and all you got was disappointment and a broken heart.

You may ask yourself over and over again what it is that you are doing wrong.

Why do you fall for The Emotionally Unavailable, The Narcissist or The Egocentric Douche?

There has to be something wrong with you that keeps allowing your heart to go for the wrong type of men.

True love has been an uphill battle for you and you are tired of hoping that you can actually experience it.

The truth is there is nothing wrong with you and all the heartache that you have experienced does not indicate that your love life is doomed.

It only means your heart has been getting ready for the one capable of loving and receiving your love.

One day soon all the heartache that the wrong men have inflicted won’t matter because you will understand that all of them were necessary lessons your heart and soul needed to receive in order to be completely available for a forever type of love.

Sooner than you think out of nowhere you will meet a man who will make past heartaches seem laughable.

Because he will show you that it was worth the hard lessons and it was worth the wait.

It will feel as a wave of fresh air.
He will invite you into his arms and his heart and it will all make sense.

Just by a look in his eyes you will know that this person will receive your love and give it back to you.

He will irradiate trust, honesty and genuine confidence in his emotions.

He will completely change your world and you will be ready for it.

He will make you feel like you are the most important person to him because he genuinely feels that way and he is not afraid to express it.

He will feel pride in showing his affection and love for you.

His concept of love is in alignment with yours so your commitment for each other will feel infinite and effortless.

You and him will feel at peace with each other and you will never doubt his loyalty to you because he goes out of his way to show you how much you mean to him.

He finds every chance he gets to celebrate what you have and to make you smile.

He appreciates everything about you but mostly the fact that you are making a difference in his life.

So trust that there is nothing wrong with you or the way you love.

You are ready for the perfect one thanks to the heartaches that you have valiantly survived.

Allow your heart to welcome the forever kind of love that you deserve and you will prove to yourself that all the wrong men who crossed your path and left your heart shattered into a million piece truly don’t matter anymore.

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