People Like You Should Be Forgotten.

After you left I have missed you so much.

But now after the time has passed I don’t even think about you anymore.

Through the past year I realised that I don’t have any reason to miss you because I finally saw what you did to me.

I don’t miss questioning myself every night if it was all my fault?

I don’t miss your rejection.
I don’t miss the feelings of my heart breaking apart.

I don’t miss you.
You were always selfish, cruel and moody.

You always made me regret giving you my everything.

I don’t miss you because most of the time I was feeling alone because you were distanced.

I don’t miss you because now I see how it feels like when someone keeps trying.

Now I can see everything you never did.

I don’t miss you because now I know that you never deserved me.

I was too good for you.
You never deserved my efforts.

That is why I don’t miss you anymore.

With you I was always lonely.
With you I forgot how love feels.
With you I forgot my worth.

You are not someone I should miss.
Missing you was just a waste of time.

You didn’t treat me right.
You never loved me.

People like you shouldn’t be missed.
People like you should be forgotten.

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  • People like you… ! You paved a way for those who are in similar zone of life.. ! Toxic relationships.

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