Phrases That Are Often Said By Narcissists!!

I was asked this question a lot so I decided to write some of The Narcissist’s famous phrases that he used to say to me or about me.

    It’s not my fault.
    It’s your fault.
    I’m always getting screwed.
    I got screwed again.
    Do you ever stop and listen to yourself?
    They are all idiots.
    You are an idiot.
    You are so stupid.
    You are pathetic.
    You poor lonely soul.
    You are a blessing.
    You said that not me.
    No I never misunderstand you.
    I know exactly what you meant by that.
    I know that.
    I’m a man of my word.
    Why should I care about that.
    And why are you telling me this?
    You are always blaming me.
    I already knew that.
    You are lying.
    If I want it done right I have to do it myself.
    I know exactly the way you think.
    If you are not doing it my way then I won’t help.
    I will do that when I’m ready to do that.
    I will do it when I feel like doing it.
    You always make things up.
    You have mental problems.
    I never said that.
    I’m not wrong.
    Stop stalking me.
    You are wrong.
    Please stop.
    You are very special to me.
    You act like you are entitled.
    It doesn’t matter.
    I never wanted to hurt you.
    I will spare no effort to protect you.
    I’m not a bad guy.
    There’s a lot you don’t know.
    I apologise – he doesn’t want to say sorry because he’s not sorry.
    I’m not at liberty to tell you anything.
    I’m going through something right now.
    I have got a lot going on right now.
    I have a lot on my plate.
    I always help people.
    You just don’t get it
    You can tell me anything.
    There’s no lines between us to be crossed.
    You provoked me to say those mean things to you.
    You are a great person but …
    I appreciate all you do but …
    I don’t like being aggravated.
    I never got your text.
    I didn’t see a missed call.
    You are clingy.
    _____ warned me about you.
    I’m not interested in arguing … I have got my own stuff going on.


  • That’s exactly what he used to tell me 😳 it’s as if you are telling the story of my discard & all his humiliation to me. 💔

    • Facts, evidence and studies shows that all Narcissists have the same pattern that’s why all our stories seems similar.

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