Remember One Day He Will Hurt Too!!

Everyone who has ever hurt you, betrayed you or caused you pain will one day face the same kind of pain and heartache too.

One day the universe will turn on him just as he had turned on you.

This isn’t about karma.
This is the truth behind being human.

Some of us perhaps more than others and that may seem unfair but life has a way of making us all struggle at a point we least expect it.

One day everything feels like it’s going great and suddenly three things go wrong all at once.

And you are plunged into despair, sadness, heartbreak and going through all five stages of grief.

The struggle with suffering through something is being rational about it.

When another human being is the cause, all we want is revenge.
We want to hurt him.
We want to cause him pain, the kind of pain that he has caused us.

We wait for the universe to turn on him, we wait on some form of vindication.
And when it doesn’t happen we grow despondent.

Like even the universe is taking sides but it isn’t.

The universe doesn’t take sides.
And one day at the worst time in the worst way, what that person did to you will return to him in a way that he might not even connect to you.

There is a simple fact about energy.
You get back what you put out into the world.

If someone is the kind of person that deliberately hurts other people, is deeply unforgiving towards those who have accidentally hurt him or caused him pain, acts in a manner that is very petty and we all know people who act petty and unforgiving but I’m talking about bullies and who actively excludes others simply because they have power of some kind.

You can bet that one day everything he is inflicting on others will come back to him.

Call it consequences, call it karma, at the end of the day you get back what you dish out.

One day he will be stripped of his power, whether it is in his social group, in his work place, in his family and when he is, when he finally feels as fragile and defenceless as he made others feel, he will be punched in the gut with fistful after fistful of life.

You know what the difference will be between you and him?
Personal Growth.

Bullies inflict harm on others because they have never learnt how to grow better from their experiences.

You will grow whilst he will wilt from the same pain he caused you.

He will not know how to handle it.
And he will break down and fall apart whilst you will pick up the shards of your life from the floor and rebuild.

So don’t worry.
Don’t think you have been abandoned to your pain or that whoever hurt you will never experience any kind of sadness or hurt in his life.

Don’t believe that the universe is targeting you whilst favouring him.

Just learn from the experience the universe is giving you.

Grieve, let the tears fall, take what is good from it then get up and say goodbye to the monster that hurt you and caused you this kind of pain with the understanding that one day he will hurt too.

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