Self Destructive Love!

Loving a Narcissist was the greatest form of self destruction I have ever experienced.

Being involved with a Narcissist will test all the limits of love.

Most people are inclined to believe that Narcissists are in love with themselves.

Narcissists crave romantic love.

They long for the kind of love that makes them feel appreciated.

They long for a lover who will hold them on a pedestal.

This is why the attraction between a Narcissist and an Empath can be such a beautiful disaster waiting to happen.

We are often drawn to our polar opposites.

Like opposite sides of the spectrum we are attracted to each other.

I discovered that the passion will burn bright for a time but the flames will die just as fast leaving nothing but dying embers of the flame that once was.

I found out that falling in love with the Narcissist was much like a drug.

I had internal debates and my stubborn mind battled it out with my foolish heart.

As I slowly started to fall in love with the Narcissist.

I soon discovered that he was quite different from what the world perceived him to be.

Like a moth to flame I was drawn in even though my world started crumbling.

I just couldn’t stay away.

Loving a Narcissist is one hell of a rollercoaster ride.

I was always terrified of roller coasters while I wasn’t exactly scared of heights but I felt much safer on the ground and was happy to have both feet planted firmly there.

Falling in love with a Narcissist gave me an exhilarating feeling.

It was a rollercoaster ride and for some reason I refused to get off.

The intense highs and lows when being with him exhilarated and exhausted me at the same time.

The relationship felt like a one way street.

In time it became one sided because I didn’t feel like I was being loved in return.

According to research, Narcissists tend to have difficulty in loving anyone because they didn’t learn to love themselves.

Because of this I was exhausted and this exhaustion led to the inevitable self destruction.

They feel the need to be loved in a way that fills the void in their lives.

Narcissists do not feel love, they also lack the ability to bond with anyone.

Their sense of self worth and self esteem is highly depended on how others view them.

Narcissists will not take responsibility for their cruel actions because they do not care about anyone except themselves.

They are oblivious as to how their actions affect others.

They often view their victims as disposable objects that can easily be replaced.

Narcissists are Master Manipulators and their Charm is Deceptive.

They captivate their victims by showering them with lots of attention, placing them on a pedestal and offering them their affections.

Because of these manipulative tactics it is hard for their victims to not fall for their tricks.

Their victims often think that they have found their Soulmate.

Once this happens the victim will fall into their trap.

Narcissists tend to Devalue their victims over time.

Once the Narcissist got what he wants he will begin to show his True Colours.

His Victim will be in shock when the mask gradually drops to reveal the ugliness within.

A few months later The Narcissist will find himself feeling a void within that will make him grow restless, moody and constantly questioning the victim’s worth.

After the Narcissist has revealed his true self to be a Cruel Manipulator.

The victim will desperately try to bring back the person she fell in love with only to find out that this person never existed in the first place.

It was just a mirage of what she perceived to be affection.

Once you are completely hooked The Narcissist won’t just discard you like a useless piece of trash but he will enjoy playing the hot and cold game which is an Emotional Torture.

The Abuse will continue as long as the Victim allows it.

Then when it all ends The Narcissist will disappear completely as he often end things abruptly and without a goodbye.

It will only leave to the victim a Cruel Silence to endure.

Getting over a Narcissist is never easy.

When the Narcissist discarded me, it left a chill in my heart as the cold breeze does in December.

Like many of those who experienced relationships with Narcissists I found myself questioning if he ever did love me.
And The Cruel Silence said NO.

Unfortunately Narcissists aren’t capable of loving anyone.

Their love will be measured according to what they need.

Once that need is fulfilled he will discard you without a second thought.

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