She Needed A Hero So That’s What She Became!

She learnt at a young age that depending on anyone for anything was depending on someone too much.

She learnt that trust is something that is easily broken.

She learnt that trust has to be earned and it should never be given away for free.

She learnt that the best hearts always get broken and it should be guarded with every wall possible.

She learnt that promises are broken every day especially the ones that mean the most.

She learnt that being let down is just a part of life that everyone accepts.

She learnt that people give up way too easily and give in just as often.

That people lie and leave without so much as an excuse.

That the people who should care hardly ever do.

That more often than not good people get walked on and used by people who don’t deserve to have someone as good as them in their lives.

She was broken and lost.
She was wandering around this big world all alone.

She had more demons than angels.
Barely hanging on by the thinnest thread.

Just going through the motions hoping someone would notice and care to save her.

She needed a hero so that’s what she became.

She was tired of waiting for someone to save her.

She was done listening to the lies and broken promises that played over and over like a broken record.

She was tired of being let down and getting hurt by people she thought she could count on.

So she became the hero she so desperately needed in life.

She picked herself up and pushed herself forward.

She ended up saving herself.
She no longer needs Prince Charming to come to her rescue.

She is not waiting for a knight in shining armour to save her.

She is not the damsel in distress.
She got this thing we call life under control all by herself.

She is taking care of herself and no longer needs help.

She no longer plays the games of the world or let people walk on her because it is part of life.

She doesn’t let someone break her who obviously never cared about her to begin with.

She doesn’t need to depend on anyone too much because she only needs to depend on herself.

She doesn’t tolerate broken promises, lies or excuses because she doesn’t have to.

She doesn’t care if someone walks out of her life because she was doing fine before he came into it.

She doesn’t watch good people get walked on but tries to stop it.

She doesn’t just accept things but tries to change it for the better.

If she is not happy with her life, she changes and fixes the problem.

She is cautious with the world but hasn’t given up on it entirely.

Her heart is no longer made of glass but made of stone.

She no longer carries her broken dreams but a sword.

She no longer wears sadness but an armour.
She no longer needs a hero because she is one.

She never even noticed that she was everything she ever needed.

Then she found everything she could ever need within herself.

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