Should An Empath Forgive A Narcissist?!

I‘m not God nor do I have Alzheimer’s

Forgive but never forget what he is capable of and don’t give him a second opportunity to re-victimise.

That’s it in a nutshell.
Empath or not you should forgive yourself first for allowing the abuse.

That is important for your mind, soul and body.
I found forgiving myself to be the most difficult.
Because I was there, I unknowingly allowed it and I obliviously participated in my abuse.

I always thought I love myself enough but apparently I didn’t.

Start apologising to your soul that you didn’t see the red flags or chose to ignore it.

Forgive yourself and vow to protect yourself against any Narcissist or any form of abuse further in your life.

As far as forgiving The Narcissist, well when you start forgiving yourself, focus on bettering yourself, spend time and energy living your life happy and free and he will become just a bad memory.

My experience has taught me one word understanding.

My opinion is that forgiveness and forgetting are so over rated.

I abide by the law of intelligence and maybe that has caused me to suffer more inadvertently but I will suffer more if I can‘t understand the situation.

Understanding the psychic of The Narcissist and the reason to why I was struggling to overcome this incident.

Why I was broken and why I couldn’t have a normal blessed life.

Why did I make wrong choices and why did I bring the most evil criminal I have ever known into my life and why did I trust him?

Asking why lead me to introspection.
Understanding my own emotions and knowing it was acceptable for me to break.

Knowing it was ok for me to not be in control more like I was helpless and frozen.

Knowing what did I do wrong and if I could have done better.

I was willing to fail, provided I understood how the failure came about and how I can prevent it and be guarded.

I evolved only understanding the situation and my wellbeing.

I couldn’t care as much about The Narcissist.
The truth set me free and liberated my trapped soul.

It is like Theory of Evolution changes over time and give rise to diversification of species.

These species may inadvertently acquire a defective trait but understanding the defect is as important as correcting the consequences.

Mother nature seeks no forgiveness and she is not expected to forgive.

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  • This is an amazing article, thank u so much for writing it ❤️

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