Should The Narcissist Be Judged?

What I suffered from is actually a heinous crime against humanity and the worst pain I have ever felt as all Victims.

Narcissistic Abuse doesn’t just have someone recovering from the abuse, A Narcissist rapes The Victim’s soul from the inside out and take their inner sanctity of the human spirit away from them.

Narcissistic Abuse feels completely different to other types of Emotional Abuse.

The only way to know it is to experience it directly.

We are the ones who might end up in jail.
Narcissistic Abuse is mostly silent, under the skin and sneaky.

It’s that small erosion of your will.
It’s the micro-aggression he does all day long.
It’s the small criticism thrown under the table.
It’s the sprinkled salt on your daily dish or the soft poison.

Do you think we need justice because we were discarded?

Do you think we need justice because we were replaced?

We need justice because we were used and abused.

We need justice because someone took advantage of us and used us like an old toothbrush.

We need justice because someone made us feel worthless and never enough to anyone or anything.

We need justice because years were stolen from our lives for nothing.

But how can we explain that to a judge and the juries?

Narcissists fooled psychiatry and psychology.
Narcissists manipulated the whole world before Narcissus was born.

They will find it so easy to fool a judge and maybe the judge judging us needs to be judged and we are the ones who might end up being in jail.

Only God can judge them.

When we discuss the topic of Narcissism, we are talking about behavioural and moral deficiency.

Morality is a spiritual thing but the scientific approach doesn’t exist and we are standing on assumptions, judgments and statistics.

Like the old saying there are lies, damned lies and statistics.

The only case to accept the criminalisation of Narcissistic Abuse is when I see Jesus on the head of this court at the judge’s bench.

Emotional and Psychological Wounds are harder to heal than Physical Wounds.

The mind keep rolling it over and over until we understand the ins and outs of the pathology.

It gives us understanding but the pain and torment will forever stay.

In due time a scar will develop but it’s as the physical scars that hurt once in awhile when the weather changes or when it gets stretched or pulled.

The Emotional Pain doesn’t really go away.
It sits there but we develop tactics to silence it.

No one should suffer the Mental and Emotional Torture caused by Narcissists.

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