Soulless Dark Narcissist!!

Narcissists are worse than generally described.
Clinical Pathological Narcissists who exist within a spectrum of incurable personality disorders, exhibit not just one behaviour and it is NOT “conceit” as the lay image paints.

The annoying things that you witness that are called Narcissism are merely tell tales and not the actual problem.

Some Narcissists are self effacing, charming and bookish, these are in the covert realm.

The more obvious Narcissists who are flamboyant and egotistical are of the overt type.

Both are potentially as dangerous as humans can get because they lack “Empathy”.

Even when they appear to be generous, kind and thoughtful ,, “it’s a trap!”

They are superb mimics and they understand how to project a persona and maintain an image within their circles that make them out to be something eccentric but wonderful at best and annoying but harmless at worst.

Narcissists are predatory and they seek preys.
Generally the personality disorders including Narcissism are grouped in with psychopathy and sociopathy.

Not all Narcissists will start wars or become murderers, but instead will do something much worse throughout the entirety of their lives.

They will completely destroy every interpersonal relationship they have in subtle, long term manipulative ways, to the point where many of those people they interact with will end up with altered behaviour and changed thinking processes ,, The Narcissists dysfunction actually infects and breaks down others and it’s intentional.

It’s what entertains them.

Occasionally, when you find someone well experienced in dealing with Narcissists, you will see them suddenly react stiffly towards a person that they have just met and they will end the meeting and withdraw.

This is a mystery to onlookers but what has happened is they have just met A Narcissist that no one else sees so this person’s fight or flight response has just gone to DEFCON 5.

That person knows that avoidance is the number one defence.

It’s almost impossible to succinctly explain the behaviour and effect of Narcissism.
Also if you ever see two narcissists meet, it is very common for them to immediately hate each others guts because you can’t have two kings in the room.

The fact that most people are fortunate enough to not have been in a lengthy manipulative relationship with A Narcissist is one of the very tools The Narcissist uses to minimise the appearance of their toxicity.

The relatively recent term “toxic person” and the older term “energy vampire” were likely created for The Narcissist.

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