Strength Of A Survivor!

A Survivor is by definition a very strong person.
You are the absolute strongest of the strong.
The Abuser is the pathetically weak one.

In The Abuser’s twisted reality, A Survivor is weak.

You have survived the unthinkable, you changed, you moved on and you became better while he is still stuck, rotting in the same place, never growing up, arrogant, argumentative, destructive, forever claiming to be A Victim and remains bitter, chaotic, resentful, hostile and deceitful.

Only the weak is cruel.
Gentleness and Forgiveness can only be expected from a strong person.

Goodness is something chosen.
When a man can‘t choose, he ceases to be a man.

It’s a man’s sympathy with all creatures that first makes him truly a man.

Perfect love is perfectly harmless.
An Abuser isn’t even fit to be called a man.

I know how hard we fight to believe in the best in others because we want them to be the best person they are capable of.

Giving up is just not in us.
To leave means some how we failed to make a difference and that’s what it feeks like.

Some never leave and some never quit hoping because it takes alot to quit hoping and believing in someone we have come to love.

Quite often The Abuser continuously play mind games with your trust, hope and faith in them that they will change.

It’s no small thing to stay and keep working on a relationship that almost every sign of it is telling you to give it up.

It’s even harder to leave.

If you didn’t live it and if you didn’t walk in our shoes don’t judge.

One day that could be your life and believe me there will be plenty of people to judge you.

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