Sympathy For The Devil Concept.

I battled with my heart to answer the question of whether Narcissists deserve our compassion or not.

I can have compassion for a neglected 4 or a 5 year old child.

I might have some compassion that a parent would neglect his own child and have him fend for himself emotionally.

What I have zero compassion for is the 51 year old man I fell in love for.

How can I have compassion for someone who mistreated me on purpose?

Who lied to me for fun?
Who tried to destroy me and everything that meant something to me?

He knowingly and purposely got great satisfaction watching me cry my eyes out and he did it with a smirk.

He tried to ruin me emotionally and did his best trying to destroy my life.

I have absolutely zero compassion for him.
At one time I wished him well, I forgave him and wished him success but I can’t do it anymore.

I hope one day he realises all the destruction he has caused and how brutally he crushed my heart just because I fell for him.

I’m not sure why I hope for that because even if the truth is staring him in the face he will never admit being guilty or feel any kind of remorse.

He enjoys feeling sorry for himself and will continue on blaming everyone else for his actions and that’s why I don’t have compassion for that Devil In Disguise anymore.

Not everyone deserves compassion.
Narcissists don’t deserve our trust or our compassion.

Imagine that instead of warning others of the possible dangers of the weird vibe their newfound love is giving off and told them that ‘everyone deserves compassion, there is good and bad in everyone and nobody is all bad‘.

How much darker the world would be?
There would be one less voice of sanity in the room whether anyone chooses to listen to that voice or not.

It would be a dark world where every dissenting voice is silenced and all voices chorus in unison ‘All Narcissists deserve compassion’.

I make a stand in my role to help spread Narcissistic Abuse Awareness.

How would we be able to differentiate ourselves from Flying Monkeys and Narcissist Sympathisers if we just kept thinking that they deserve compassion?

How much compassion is too much?
Where do we draw the line?

Is a little theft a good thing?
How about just a little Physical Abuse?
A little homicide?

Compassion enables Narcissists, fuels their binge and makes them worse.

There is a concept called sympathy for the devil.

If you truly understand the correct concept of the devil then the idea of giving such an entity whether conceptual or literal is not right.

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