Take Away His Power!!

It drives A Narcissist up the wall when you don’t react to if he does or says something awful.

He insults you or accuse you of something terrible and untrue and you respond by saying nothing or shrugging your shoulders.

He wants you to react.
He wants to hurt you so then he can tell you that you are over reacting, too sensitive or maybe even tell you that he didn’t say what he clearly did to make you doubt your own sanity.

When you choose to ignore or not respond in the predicted way, you take that away his power.

Don’t let him have that power.
Ignoring him will give you power.
If A Narcissist has discarded you then he will likely go on for a time as if unbothered by your lack of reaction.

Refusing to acknowledge the inaccurate and degrading things A Narcissist says to you will eventually cause him to feel concerned that you could never again be conquered.

When you refrain from reacting, you will feel free like you have never felt before.

If your goal is to be your own person and to remain healthy then try to stop thinking about The Narcissist.

Hold onto who you are and your personal power to do so regardless of what The Narcissist says or does.

Even if he shows no evidence of feeling bothered that doesn’t mean he isn’t.

It’s what A Narcissist does.

Understanding who and what A Narcissist is can be a time consuming process.

It is important to understand that he has no conscience and no concern for anyone but himself.

He is also Passive Aggressive, Sociopathic and Psychopathic.

His behaviour can be extreme, unpredictable and without warning.

However the details of this disorder rears its ugly head, you have to remember one thing.

A Narcissist is incapable of real love but can put on a very good show when he wants something.

The charm and concern is all very superficial and over the top but it may be quite a while before his mask begins to crack.

A Narcissist can talk a good game but underneath the surface is the real Command Central where every waking moment is a plot to get what he wants with no concern for anyone else.

Those of us who are loving and kind and care for the needs of others are often a perfect prey to The Narcissist.

How can A Narcissist be so cold and unconcerned?

Because that is what he does best and he has spent his entire life practicing this deadly skill so be thankful that he is gone.

If he isn’t done with you then he will move heaven and earth to find you and to drain your life blood until the last drop of it.

The question why is never fully answered when it comes to the behaviour of A Narcissist just be thankful that you are no longer a target.

Those of us who have been there understand the confusion, the pain and the regret.

There’s a little comfort in knowledge until we begin to heal.

The comfort we give to others will help us learn to heal and move on.


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