Thank You For Making Me Know My Value!

I know it sounds insane that I’m thanking you for breaking me down.

I mean the names I was called, the way I was spoken to, the lies and the accusations I received and I want to thank you.

It is because of those things that I’m the person I am today.

Because of you, I realised how strong I was.
I realised that no matter what obstacle or challenge may come way, I will be able to break through that barrier.

I’m so glad you broke me down.
You lied to me, called me names and told me that I’m not worth it.

After you left, I was broken and couldn’t understand why you did that to me.

Why were you that cruel and enjoyed torturing me and see my cry myself to sleep.

Thank you for breaking me into pieces and telling me that I’m nothing and telling me that I’m crazy.

Thank you.
I’m a different person now because of you.
I have never been more determined in life.

I want to go beyond my horizons and accomplish things I never thought I would because you made me feel so worthless.

I want you to know that yes, you broke me down but now I’m back up and I have come to know who you really are.

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