Thanks To You ,, SY.

I’m grateful for what I thought I had and the days I spent with you.

I would like to thank you for pretending to love me and to feel something for me.

You were the source of my joy and my happiness.

You lit up my world.

You stitched up the little intricate pieces of my broken heart with great patience as you pretended I was your blessing and for that I’m grateful.

Thank you for giving my life a meaning and a second chance to experience something as beautiful as what I thought to have with you.

Thank you for the wonderful moments we had.

I will forever cherish those limited moments.

Thank you for pretending to be always there for me when I needed a shoulder to lean on.

Thank you for your time and efforts that you pretended to invest.

Thank you for listening to me in times when I needed to to vent.

Thank you for giving me hope at the time when I needed you the most.

Thank you for being my emotional anchor for the little time we had together.

Thank you for the encouragements and for pretending to believe in me and in my ability to hold on.

Thank you for opening your heart to me and letting me in even when it just a lie.

Thank you for allowing me to embrace you with all your flaws.

To me it was never flaws, rather your inner and outer beauty that needed more time and patience to be known and understood.

Thank you for your graciousness and for your beautiful voice that pretended to comfort me every time I got scared to lose you.

Thank you for the comfort and chills that always gave me goosebumps.

Your voice always reminded me of a safe haven that I could run to whenever I want.

Thank you for your inner beauty and your heart that always made me love you more and more.

Thank you for making me believe that a person like me who gives all of her love and trust limitlessly to someone she feels attracted to without any second thoughts isn’t always wrong even though now I know I was.

Thank you for coming into my world and giving my life a new perspective.

Thank you for finally teaching me the hardest lesson of my life.

Thank you for betraying my trust and trying to destroy my life and everything I cared for.

We would have worked things out but you simply said ‘no’ when I asked because to you I was just a toy that you got bored of.

Thank you for your limitless cruelty, bitterness and hate.

Thank you for shattering the image of the perfect I thought you to be.

Thank you for betraying my trust.
Thank you for breaking my heart.

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