That’s How The Game Works And We All Got Played.

Some Narcissists may heartlessly tell you directly that they don’t love you.

This usually happens once you have been discarded and are no longer of value to them.

Others may not tell you at all but the one thing that will remain the same with A Narcissist is that they will always show it!

You know that saying “Actions speak louder than words”,, it couldn’t be more accurate!

All you have to do is look at their behaviour towards you and you will know for a fact that they don’t love you.

Don’t be fooled by the love-bombing you were shown in the beginning thinking that they are capable of loving another individual.

This was all an act!
They are Masters Of Manipulation and they know all the rights things to say and do to win someone over.

They pick the most empathetic people who are kind, compassionate and loving souls who choose to see the good in others while sometimes ignoring the bad.

This is what The Narcissist does best because they are Predators.

They trick you when you are getting to know each other, making you believe that they care about you by giving you their unlimited time and attention.

By complimenting you and telling you how smart, gorgeous, independent and special you are.

They make you feel like you have found the perfect person that you have been waiting for!

You quickly become entranced and attached to them and once they know that they have you in the palm of their hands ,, that’s when they will instantly start devaluing you.

To truly and unconditionally love another person it involves being consistently respectful, compassionate, loyal, honest, affectionate, faithful and genuine.

Narcissists are incapable of understanding what unconditional love even mean and are solely fixated on meeting their own selfish agenda.

They will fake love in order to get what they want but that’s where it will end.

Their version of “love” is conditional, meaning that it comes with a set of expectations you need to meet in comparison to all their other victims both past and present.

If you fail to pass their test or if you start asserting and standing up for yourself by calling them out on all their lies, then you will be immediately banished from their lives and a new person that they have been grooming will fill your spot.

That’s how the game works and we all got played.

They will continuously and repeatedly put their own needs first and never once care about how you truly feel.

They are parasites and will take anything you can give them until they grow tired and bored of you.

They will always have another replacement lined up and have multiple people in their supply chain that they are toying with while they are with you.

They aren’t faithful, committed or loyal and will never settle down with just one person for the rest of their lives.

They expect you to do everything for them and they will give you literally nothing in return.

You will never feel appreciated, your efforts will never be reciprocated and you will be cheated on regularly.

They will flirt with others in front of you, they will put you down, they won’t put any sincere effort into taking you out and spending things on you and they will force you to engage in acts that you aren’t comfortable with.

They will continuously partake in reckless impulsive irresponsible behaviour, they will ignore you and ghost you, they will never apologise, they will never change their ways and they will never accept responsibility.

They will compare you to other people they have been with, they won’t care about your birthdays or any other holiday, they don’t want to hear about any problems or challenges you are facing, they won’t care if you are sick or injured and will find it annoying.

They will give you the silent treatment, they will swear and yell at you, they will humiliate you and embarrass you.

They will lie constantly about everything, they will never be there for you when you need them and will abandon you during the most difficult moments of your life.

They will be emotionally and physically abusive and they will never make you feel cared for.

You will always feel like you are walking on eggshells, you will constantly be questioning yourself, you will feel insecure and you will be crying all the time and feeling sad.

You will become isolated from your friends and family and will feel lonely.

You will feel desperate, weak and hopeless.
You will become depressed and even develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and you will lose your identity.

Your physical and mental health will deteriorate, you will become dependent on them and you will waste your precious time on a person who never even cared about you in the first place.

Does that sound like love to you?!
Trust me it’s not because It’s Abuse.

When I was discarded, I reached out to him begging and pleading and he was so unbelievably cruel to me.

He blatantly told me to leave him alone, that I need to move on and that he never loved me.

I wish I had cut him off once he started to devalue me because all I did was allowing him to treat me like garbage and walk all over me.

I lowered my self-worth and lost myself in the process of having him in my life.

The recovery process hasn’t been easy and each day has been a nightmare just trying to make sense of what happened.

However all is not lost because the one thing I needed that I now have is closure.

I have closure in knowing that the person I loved and cared for didn’t exist.

I have closure in knowing that nothing was my fault except allowing it to continue longer than it should have.

I have closure in knowing that he’s nothing more than a lying and a cheating man.

I have closure in knowing that he’s the one who’s disordered and he will never change.

I have closure in knowing that at the end of the day I was always caring, nice, kind, giving, loving and warm-hearted towards him and he will have to live with himself knowing that he lost someone who truly loved him.

I have closure in knowing that I need to close this door so that a new one can open.

The Narcissist may not tell you that he never loved you but you don’t need him to.

Just pay attention closely and you will know see it for yourself.

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  • This is exactly he is.and this is exactly how I feel and regret.hoping I have a guts to leave him when he start to devalue me.i been with him for 16yrs and so much of hurt physically emotionally and financially.may 2018 when I decided to leave us.and thank god I have courage not to beg I am still hurting for my children.but atleast now we have a peaceful life.i prayed to help us to pass this kind of hard life.

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