That’s Why He Will Never Feel Guilt!!

Conscientiousness was what kept us from becoming Narcissists as we grew up through whatever abuse we suffered, whatever trials and setbacks life threw at us.

If you always hear your conscience talking directly to you during key choices in life then you won’t be able to do certain things.

No matter what because you know guilt will torture you.

At other times you must leap into action because you know guilt will also torture you for inaction.

It must be experienced to be understood because no words can explain it.

It’s a mysterious phenomenon that keeps us sane.

Conscientiousness is the reason why some people can go through incredible childhood abuse and trauma or neglect and not become Narcissists.

That same child being spoilt rotten by a loving family wouldn’t become A Narcissist either.

The opposite of conscientiousness is callousness.

Callousness is why some people are Narcissists.
It is why someone is born with a silver spoon in his mouth, with loving parents and experiencing no difficulty in life greater than his ice cream falling on the floor is A Narcissist.

And also why someone who came from an abusive family is A Narcissist.

But you see family background actually has nothing to do with it.

It instead has got to do with the mysterious question of whether you are a conscientious child or a callous child by the age of ten.

The rest is history.
Conscientiousness does increase with age but not if you had none to start with.

That’s why A Narcissist never feels guilt nor gratitude nor obligation nor accountability.

And he never feels that funny tug inside when he is lying.

He never regrets anything cruel he ever did.
He also never feel patience or forbearance nor warmth.

To explain it better, conscientiousness is associated with a tender heart, fairness, someone who takes obligations towards others seriously and obeys rules simply because good rules keep things working well.

Someone who hates betraying others simply because betrayal hurts and he wouldn’t wish to inflict this.

Conscientiousness hates pain and seeks to ease pain in others or at least not cause it.

There can be different levels of conscientiousness but in general such a person can’t ever become heartless or cold.

Callousness on the other hand is associated with eyes that are blind and a heart that doesn’t feel for others’ pain.

Someone who can’t understand the feelings of the heart or the rules of the heart.

Eyes that can’t see the point of anything that doesn’t benefit him and so caused stunted understanding eyes that look but can never understand.

Selfish eyes, a short circuited brain, shallowness and pretend understandings.

Ears that don’t wish to give you air time.
No desire to understand any other perspective except his own.

Such a person can’t automatically consider the needs, wants and desires of others.

He doesn’t feel any emotions when he sees other people in trouble or pain including the pain he causes.

He is unmoved by other people’s pain because it is the heart that moves and when there is no heart nothing can move inside of you.

Callousness is indifferent to others’ pain.
But when combined with sadism as it usually is, it turns into an appetite for inflicting pain on others.

When it comes to pain conscientiousness and callousness go in opposite directions.

The reaction to others’ pain is how you tell a conscientious and a callous person apart.

Callousness is why The Narcissist enjoys the suffering of loved ones and the innocent.

If he had conscientiousness it would ruin his enjoyment and it would also make him suffer from guilt.

A Narcissist grows up differently, enjoying different things and suffering from different things.

By the time he is twenty one, he has already experienced eleven or more years of enjoying entirely different things.

His perspective is as alien as a fish’s perspective.

Some Narcissists eventually learn to put on the mask of sympathy or compassion for the sake of acceptance and they learn to hide the beast within.

But inside there’s only a cold and unfeeling thing that beats.

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