That’s Why They Never Regret It!!

The word regret is a strong word to use when applying it to A Narcissistic Individual.

It is important to state up front that Covert Narcissists never really regret leaving anyone.

Regret leaving you implies that they were in a relationship with you.

That is never the case.

The Narcissist only regrets missing out on a benefit he received by being with you, like a financial resource, admiration by association or someone to stand in as a receptacle for his emotional bile.

When A Covert Narcissist leaves you, he feels the loss of possibility but only if he didn’t find a suitable replacement.

Even then, he may continue to play you for a while but not because he regrets leaving you.

If he decides to string you along, it isn’t because he realised what a wonderful and unique person you are.

It is for entertainment only like a cat playing with a mouse.

When this happens you can bet that he feels a brooding sense of resentment towards you.

He doesn’t miss you or regret leaving you.

He must keep you around to be the receptacle for his unacceptable behaviours because he can’t be transparent with the new supply yet.

You can’t trick him into regretting that he left you nor can you implement a successful revenge scheme.

In the end you were trauma bonded during the relationship with him and as long as this is the case, The Narcissist will almost always have the upper hand.

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