That’s Why We Never Saw It Coming!!

A True Narcissist creates his own false reality.

He views himself as being superior and morally righteous in order to avoid facing himself.

Ironically this false reality is a protective mechanism that is rooted in a profound sense of insecurity.

This barrier makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible for him to consider the impact of his behaviour on others.

He is completely cut off and because he is incapable of experiencing empathy he feels that his abuse is justified.

He believes wholeheartedly in his reality and this belief is so strong that he will pull you into it.

That’s why you couldn’t suspect anything and it’s not your fault.

Narcissist’s victims are always people with a compassionate and a trusting heart.

The insecurity and fear that remains unconscious beyond the protective walls is what’s driving his behaviour.

He has a total inability to self reflect even after leaving a long trail of traumatised souls behind him.

Of course his behaviour is perplexing to anyone with a modicum of empathy.

Naturally we would ask why?
We will never comprehend what it’s like to live in his reality but I imagine that it’s a living hell to be so disconnected, probably similar to being dead.

The best thing to do is learn how to identify A Narcissist and then avoid him at all costs.

A Narcissist Somehow miss the means for feeling good enough about himself without constantly fetching reassurance from people around him.

He might be very successful at his job because being successful gives him confirmation of his worth.

He might be a total shark in building his career using colleagues and collaborators to achieve his goals, scheming and manoeuvring like a pro-puppet master.

He might even be loved because of his leadership skills.

He knows how to act out in order to be effective and accepted.

It is too bad that he applies the same behaviour in his private and love life even more so because it is far more intimate.

He uses us to feel loved.
It’s just us normal people who have a hard time seeing it because we can’t comprehend it.

He smells our fragility, our own desire for love and intimacy then convince us that he can give it all to us.

This can drag you down to a low point you would have never imagined because you are genuinely in love and you trust him more than anyone else, possibly even more than you trust yourself.

Yes he casts you aside like an old toy when he is bored and when you have managed to free yourself from the illusion.

All his promises of eternal love and always being available to help you is completely gone and forgotten.

He is too busy now hunting for another source of supply.

It must hurt endlessly to be like that, never satisfied like a permanent fugitive trapped in his own mind and beliefs.

But it hurts more to be one of his victims.

We didn’t do anything wrong yet he leaves us feeling like the worst people on Earth.

We feel stupid for having fallen for him.
Our love life has changed forever because we will forever be afraid to trust anybody else.

We will be forever scared by whatever form of violence he bestowed upon us.

It will take time to heal but believe that you can and you will.

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