The Art Of Letting Go!

We go through hell trying to make ourselves happy.

We ignore red flags.
We give people the benefit of the doubt.
When they disappoint us, we give them second chances.

Those of us with big hearts hope things can get better.

We see the beauty in people and hope for the best even while we are making ourselves miserable.

The art of letting go is daunting.
It isn’t for the faint of heart.

The art of letting go takes time and is painful.
It calls on us to look deep inside ourselves and reflect.

The art of letting go doesn’t happen overnight and one day it just clicks.

You realise why you had to go through everything you did.

That the heartbreak, tears and pain was worth it because it got you where you needed to be.

One day you realise it wasn’t all for nothing.
That the pain made you who you are.
You are strong because of it.

Maybe some of us are built for pain.
And even if we suffer, it makes us better.

Always try to become better and not bitter.
Because for every bad experience, you took something from it and it led you to the happiness you deserve.

Life is forever changing. 
Moving on from negative experiences, people and pain is liberating.

Often it’s only after the fact that we discover how little we were getting and how truly unsatisfying the experience was.

We put people on pedestals.
We want to see the best in them.

But when they tell you who they are ,, listen!
Our gut feeling is always right.

If you feel in your heart that someone or something isn’t right, leave the situation.
Your gut feeling doesn’t lie.

The art of letting go is heartbreaking.
Gut wrenching, painful but beautiful.

When we let go of something, we never know what lies ahead.

That in itself is scary but what lies ahead is far better then what lies behind us.

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